Impact: the power of making a strong immediate impression.
Impact is specialised in the production and installation of powerful XL-prints.
We supply premium prints for advertising agencies, stand builders, retail chains, musea, artists.
Impact transforms your ideas into great visuals. Large images, attracting the attention of your target group. 
Impact provides a platform for higher impact graphics.
This increases brand and corporate awareness and the opportunity for a higher return on advertising investment.

Impact likes innovating. We are constantly searching and finding new interesting products and solutions to make your message get noticed !

What we offer?
- Graphic Design.
- Reproduction of digital images using inkjet and sublimation printing.
- A wide variety of materials can be printed up to 500 cm wide (banner, canvas, vinyl, wallpaper, textile, sheets...).
- Installation by our team.

Why choose Impact?
- Printing isn't just pushing a button. Images evoke emotions : we help you in searching the right way to express the soul of your brand, 
  your project, your company.
- A large and flexible production will meet your short deadline.
- Constantly investing in motivated workers, new printers and fast internet platforms we assure you the highest quality on the market.
- Think green : we are proud we achieved the Nordic Eco Label by the European Institure of Environment.